eFile Options for Tax Software Vendors

MeF (Modernized eFile)

    Business MeF Program (RITA Form 27 Net Profit Return) Continues to Grow

    RITA participates in the Modernized eFile (MeF) platform for the electronic filing of annual tax returns. This project is a joint effort of the IRS, numerous tax collection agencies, software vendors and other private businesses who have joined together to improve the response time for processing tax returns. Returns for the IRS and participating agencies can be transmitted to a single point (the IRS).

    Attention Software Developers

    All software vendors and products must register annually. Please submit one or both of the following forms:
    Tax Year 2023 RITA Form 37 MeF Application - Individuals
    Tax Year 2023 RITA Form 27 MeF Application - Businesses
    Only software products approved by RITA may be used to create and transmit RITA returns.

    MeF (Modernized eFile) Software Vendors lists the available products and other information after testing with the software vendor is completed.

    Tax Professionals News and Important Updates will provide notifications related to the current MeF program.

Bulk Tax Filings – Business Software Vendors

    RITA has a program for businesses interested in submitting bulk tax forms electronically, using software from a RITA approved software vendor, MasterTax.

    If you are a business that uses MasterTax software click the link below to access the application to register. This registration will notify us that your business will now be filing via ACH credit and potentially submitting bulk forms to process using preapproved software vendors.

    eService Enrollment

    New Electronic Payroll Software Vendors

    Payroll software vendors interested in collaborating with RITA for bulk filing of the Employer's Municipal Tax Withholding (Form 11) and Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld (Form 17) must submit the RITA eServices Software Application to begin this process.

    RITA eServices Software Application