Bulk Tax Filing Program

Bulk Tax Filings – Business Software Vendors

RITA has a program for businesses interested in submitting bulk tax forms electronically, using software from a RITA approved software vendor, MasterTax.

If you are a business that uses MasterTax software click the link below to access the application to register. This registration will notify us that your business will now be filing via ACH credit and potentially submitting bulk forms to process using preapproved software vendors.

eService Enrollment

New Electronic Payroll Software Vendors

Payroll software vendors interested in collaborating with RITA for bulk filing of the Employer's Municipal Tax Withholding (Form 11) and Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld (Form 17) must submit the RITA eServices Software Application to begin this process.

RITA eServices Software Application

Electronic W-2 Submissions

Beginning January 1, 2020, all electronic W-2 submissions must be sent electronically via MyAccount or other approved electronic alternative. RITA will no longer accept CD submissions and also does not accept submissions on USB drives. All CDs and USBs submitted will be immediately destroyed.

Submitting W-2s for a Single Employer

Use MyAccount to upload W-2 data. Log in or create a new account. Use Submit W-2 (EFW2) feature in MyAccount to upload the W-2 file.

Submitting W-2s for Multiple Employers (Bulk Filers)

Use RITA’s secure file transfer option for W-2 file transfers.

*Note: This option will be available starting January 10, 2020.

When you have W-2s ready for upload, you will need to contact a RITA representative at 800.860.7482, ext. 5010 during the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and they will assist you in establishing a secure file transfer session.