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RITA Billing Statements

Posted On: Monday, August 15, 2022

RITA will begin mailing notices on August 15th to those taxpayers who have unpaid municipal income tax liabilities.  RITA is also beginning to mail notices for third quarter estimated payments due September 15th. 

As a reminder, if you anticipate that you will owe $200 or more in tax for tax year 2022 you may be required by your municipality to make quarterly estimated tax payments.

RITA offers the following payment options to pay outstanding municipal income tax liabilities or estimated tax payments:

Pay Online
Login to MyAccount 24/7.

Pay by Phone
Make payments over the phone with our 24/7 self-service options at 800.860.7482.

Pay by Mail
Estimated tax payments can be made using Form 32 EST-EXT Section 2.

Balance due payments for outstanding municipal income taxes must be remitted with a copy of the billing notice you received in order to avoid processing delays.   Mailing balance due payments without including the information provided to you on the billing notice you received from RITA may result in significant processing delays.

Payments Accepted
Payments from Checking or Savings Accounts, Visa™, Master Card™ or Discover Card™.

Please note that a 2.75% Service Charge will be added to payments made by credit card. Service Charge fees are made by RITA’s service provider and are not retained by RITA.  Payments made by check or via ACH will not incur this service charge.

More information on estimated tax payments can be found here.

What are Municipal Income Taxes?  Who is RITA?   Take a look at these videos to learn more!

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