Individual FAQs - Online Services (MyAccount/eFile and FastFile)

Individual Taxpayers have two options to electronically file their tax returns: FastFile or MyAccount.

FastFile is designed for taxpayers who are ready to file and complete their tax return in one session. 

  • No login or registration is necessary.
  • FastFile does not store the information you have entered. You must have all of your necessary tax documents, including a record of any estimated tax payments or credits carried forward at the time you are ready to begin to FastFile.

MyAccount-Online Services allows taxpayers to file current year and previous year returns, make payments and check account history.

  • Login and registration is necessary.
  • Information entered is stored and can be accessed and filed at a later date.
  • Information from the previous year filing is auto-populated and does not need to be re-entered.
  • Additional features available:
    • Check filing and payment history
    • Check estimated payments made
    • Send secure messages for questions related to filing your return.

Select "Forgot Password?" link in the login screen at MyAccount

  • Enter your UserID
  • Enter your Email address

*note - the email address entered must be the email address that is associated with your RITA account.  If you do not know the email address that is associated with your RITA account, call customer service at 800.860.7482. 

An email will be sent to you with a link to change your password.


Currently, Turbo Tax (Intuit) does not submit forms electronically to RITA. If you prepare your RITA tax return through Turbo Tax, you must print it out and mail to RITA or you may enter the information and electronically file using MyAccount or FastFile.

Login to MyAccount and select View Filing History. This screen will provide history and filing status for current and prior year returns. Be sure that the tax year in question has the filing status “Filed (eFile)" or "Filed (paper)". If the filing status states “Begin eFiling" or "Continue eFiling” then the return has not been submitted to RITA. In this case, ask your tax preparer if a confirmation receipt was sent to the tax preparer. The tax preparer should have received this notification at the time your return was filed. Your tax preparer may have to resubmit the form or provide a paper copy to file by mail.

I filed electronically through a tax preparation service and I received a Form 06 Voucher that requires payment. How can I submit payment?

Vouchers provided by a tax preparation service can be paid electrically by logging into MyAccount and choosing Pay My Filing Voucher. Other options include mailing a check/money order or contacting RITA by phone.

It will normally take between 3 to 4 business days for a payment made through MyAccount or FastFile to post to your account.

No, if you have an ITIN, to file your municipal income taxes you must use a paper form.  Paper tax forms can be accessed at Forms and Instructions.