Individual FAQs - Federal Tax Information (FTI)

FTI stands for Federal Tax Information. RITA has a partnership with Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in which the IRS shares information with RITA, including but not limited to, non-filers, underreported income and address updates.  The FTI Department reviews this information to bring taxpayers into compliance in filing and payment of municipal income tax.
Letters from FTI are sent when additional information is needed, including the front two pages of your Federal 1040, W-2s, W2Gs, 1099- misc., K1, and any supporting schedule (C and E).
Information can be sent:
Electronically: You may file electronically through MyAccount or FastFile.
Mail: Mail information to:
Regional Income Tax Agency
P.O. Box 470670
Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147
Fax: Fax information to 888.232.1718
The Projected Balance is calculated using the information RITA receives from the IRS. Prior to payment, you will need to provide the requested income information so RITA can verify the balance calculated and file the necessary returns.
RITA cannot file tax returns based on the data provided by the IRS. The data is for informational purposes only. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to provide income information.
Employer: You may contact your employer(s) and request copies of the W-2s you were issued.
State of Ohio:  Visit the State of Ohio’s website here. Create an account to obtain transcripts for previous years. 
IRS: You may contact the IRS at 1.800.829.1040 to request a wage and income transcript and tax return transcript. For more information visit

ONLINE: Online payments are quick and easy, and can be made via FastPay or by logging in to MyAccount. Automatic payment options are available. 
MAIL: All payments must be sent to:
Regional Income Tax Agency
P.O. Box 470537
Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147-0537
PHONE: Contact the Tax Department at 800.860.7482, ext. 5002 or locally at 440.526.0900, ext. 5002.

PLEASE NOTE: A processing fee may apply.