Individual FAQs - Estimates

As with both the Federal Income Tax and Ohio’s Individual Income Tax, the Municipal Income Tax may require taxpayers to make estimated payments during each tax year. Estimated payments may be required if you have taxable income in an Ohio municipality that is not subject to withholding, if you have business income in an Ohio municipality, and/or if you owe residence tax to the municipality where you reside.

Beginning with tax year 2016, Ohio law requires you to make estimated municipal income tax payments if you will owe $200.00 or more to an Ohio municipality. 

Estimated payments are due quarterly:

1st Quarter - April 15th *

2nd Quarter - June 15th

3rd Quarter - September 15th

4th Quarter - January 15th

* This date usually coincides with the annual income tax return filing deadline, and may change from year to year if the filing deadline is extended due to weekends and/or a legal holiday.

You are required to make estimated payments if your estimated tax liability for the year (after credits and withholding, if any) is $200 or more.