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Instructional Videos for Individual Taxpayers

This section provides links to Training Video Tutorials to assist you in Filing your Individual Tax Returns and answering questions regarding tax filing, eFiling and making payments.


Individual Income Tax eFiling (MyAccount) Video Assistance  
 Online eServices Overview in MyAccount  Link to Video
 Registering your Tax Account with RITA in MyAccount  Link to Video
 Creating a UserID and Password in MyAccount  Link to Video
 Forgot My UserID in MyAccount  Link to Video
 Forgot My Password in MyAccount  Link to Video
 How to eFile Tax Return from MyAccount on RITA's website  Link to Video
 Entering W2 income   Link to Video
 Customer Service Features and Secure Communication in MyAccount  Link to Video
 Customer Service Features - Activate PIN for Level 2 access in MyAccount  Link to Video



Notices Received - Video Assistance


 Non-Filing Income Tax Notice

 Link to Video

 Administrative Subpoena 

 Link to Video

 Municipal Income Tax Billing Statement

 Link to Video