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Administrative Subpoena

You have received an Administrative Subpoena because RITA does not have record of a municipal income tax filing from you for the tax year(s) listed on the Subpoena; and RITA did not receive a response from you to the Non-Filing Income Tax Notice that was sent to you before the Subpoena was issued. 

You must respond to the Subpoena by either:

1. Filing with RITA, prior to your scheduled appearance date, all requested income tax returns or exemptions for the tax year(s) listed; OR

2. Appearing on the date and at the location listed on the Subpoena and producing the documentation necessary to file income tax returns or exemptions for the tax year(s) listed.

Electronic filing of income tax returns and exemptions is available through MyAccount

If responding to RITA by mail or by fax prior to your appearance date, all filings and documents must be sent to RITA, Attention Compliance Department, PO Box 470538, Broadview Hts., OH 44147 or Fax No. 440-922-3510.

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For more detailed information about the Administrative Subpoena and how to respond, see the Frequently Asked Questions available here or watch the video available here.