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Electronic Reporting of W2s

RITA requires all employers issuing 250 or more W2's in any tax year, to file on electronic media. Employers filing fewer than 250 W2's are encouraged, but are not required, to remit W2 forms electronically.

RITA's W2 Reporting Specs and designated support contacts regarding this requirement are provided in PDF format.  In an effort to promote standardization, RITA's specifications adhere to the SSA guidelines (EFW2). 

For more information on electronic media W2 reporting and to view codes for RITA municipalities, access the FAQs and Tax Rates Table links on the left.

RITA provides two options to test the submission of W2s: an online version and a downloadable application.    Click here Test/Submit your W-2 to login to RITA eServices to test a W2 file online, or click here Download Application to Test your W-2 File for an application to download to your computer. 

Submitting the file electronically is the preferred method because it will confirm total wages and withholdings received and will provide you with immediate notification if errors are found.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files and can be downloaded for free at Acrobat Reader