Businesses FAQs - W-2 Reporting Requirements

Where can I find the specifications for EFW2?

This is a Social Security Administration specification and can be found at their web site:

How can I submit my EFW2 file to RITA?

Login to MyAccount and select the Test and Upload W-2 EFW2 file option under File and Pay.

Submitting the file electronically is the secure, preferred method because it will confirm total wages and withholdings received. It will provide you with immediate notification if errors are found.

If you are submitting on electronic media (CD-ROM 650MB) mail to:

Regional Income Tax Agency
10107 Brecksville Road
Brecksville, OH 44141
ATTN: Business Department

When submitting online, no errors are reported, but my total wages and withholdings are not what I expected. Why not?

The EFW2 file contains federal, state and local wage information. Since RITA reads the local information we must allow for files that have information for RITA or non-RITA member municipalities. For RITA to use the information on a RS record, it must have a valid state code (39), a valid RITA municipality code, and a valid Tax Type Code (“C” or “R”).

What are the valid municipality codes?

The list of valid RITA municipality codes can be found on the Tax Rates Table.

What are the most common errors found in an EFW2 file?

The most common error is leaving a wage or other currency field blank instead of filling it in with zeros.

The second most common error is finding records with a length other than the required 512 characters.

Are there any changes to the specifications?

Yes. Employer W-2 submission specifications have changed as the result of House Bill 5, enacted by the Ohio General Assembly. Employers are now required to report for each employee every municipality or municipalities for which tax was withheld or should have been withheld. Please visit W-2 Reporting Requirements for the most recent EFW2 specifications.